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Policy and


Our Mission

To promote a healthy environment, prosperous community, and productive irrigation sector in the Border Rivers through responsible and credible advocacy.

Our Purpose 

Border Rivers Food & Fibre represents water users in the Border Rivers catchment and makes a positive contribution to the well-being and economies of our local region. BRFF exists to advocate for sustainable water use and to protect our members legitimate water rights. In doing so, we support best management practices for maximum efficiency of water use and the long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability of the catchment.


We are a grassroots organisation with a “bottom-up” approach involving:

  • Generation and provision of issues at the individual member, groups of members and local association levels

  • Gaining feedback from members on policy and issues, including meetings, surveys, structured and informal workshops, and personal communication

  • Democratically based decision-making, with provision for circulation of draft recommendations on major issues and the incorporation of feedback, including formal consultation when required.

Our purpose is to provide advice with integrity that is factual and well-researched to politicians and agency personnel during water policy making process. Our involvement of contribution in water policy is consistently representative of the strong majority views of Border Rivers irrigators. In the rare cases where agreement is not possible, the range of views and the reasoning behind them are presented as a contribution to the decision-making process.


We engage and work closely with both NSW and QLD State government agencies as well as Commonwealth agencies on Federal matters. We provide information back to our members to keep everyone abreast of developments.  


We work collaboratively and constructively with similar organisations in our neighbouring valleys, each state and nationally to further our shared cause of protecting and enhancing our property rights in water entitlements and promote a sustainable irrigation industry.

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