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Water policy is complex, especially in the Border Rivers which encompasses policy and regulation in two states.
Border Rivers Food and Fibre is governed by an executive committee and employs a  fulltime Executive Officer, John Shannon (  and  an Executive Assistant, Rachel Gresty  (

John's primary role is to advocate and promote the long-term sustainability of the irrigation industry in the Border Rivers region.
John works closely with State, Federal and local government politicians, and agency staff to advocate for our policies, to consult
and negotiate on behalf of irrigators in the Border Rivers.  John is well supported by Rachel, who works to ensure the organisation operates effectively and efficiently.


We have an active and engaged Executive Committee which forms the ‘engine room’ of our work as well.
The executive committee consists of stakeholders representing the wide and diverse industries and environment
the Border Rivers covers. The committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. 

Executive Officer
John Shannon
Executive Assistant
Rachel Gresty


Executive Committee

Glen Smith                                                       E:
QLD Vice Chairman
John Appleby                                           E:
NSW Vice Chairman
Brendan Griffiths                                                              E:
Monique Cush                                                          
Georgia Brown                                                    
Simon Corish                                                      
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